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What can hypnosis do for you?

For most people, exposure to hypnosis is limited to watching TV or seeing a demonstration in a public setting, such as a carnival or fair. Usually the hypnotist will direct the subjects to do silly things, such as clucking like a chicken, or forgetting the number 7 exists. These demonstrations of hypnotism are meant for entertainment purposes only. However, a skilled hypnotist using the techniques of coaching, teaching, guiding, instructing and training, may effectively address these issues:

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Management
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Pain management
  • Public speaking
  • Hot flashes
  • Situational stress
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Apprehension and fears
  • Self-control
  • Self-confidence and Optimism
  • Goal setting or priorities
  • Enhancing personal skills
  • Interpersonal relationships

as well as many more.

Do any of those sound familiar to you? Ask yourself, "If I could be informed how to use the abilities of my subconscious mind, abilities which I already possess, to make rapid improvements in my life, wouldn't I be interested in making those improvements?"

Of course you would, and that's why we've provided this web site to offer you the information you need to make such an important and life changing decision.

We urge you to take your time, and read everything on this site. There's no mumbo-jumbo or pseudo-scientific smoke and mirrors. Everything is presented in plain english, and we've endeavored to answer every question you may have. There's always the chance we've missed one, and if we did, please, contact us and let us know.

We're confident that once you understand what hypnotism may be able to accomplish in terms of improving your life (as well as what it can't do!), you'll want to avail yourself of our services.

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